Screenable tracking app for film professionals

Find out who is really
interested in your film project.

What is screenable ?

Screenable is an accurate and powerful tool
for tracking viewership of your screeners.
An effective way to measure interest in your film, trailer or work-in-progress

Receive recommendations and detailed reports with an analysis of the data, evaluating the level interest of the person who watched the video, along with actionable follow up steps

analysis of the level of interest in a screener by screenable

Screeners are the nuts and bolts of the film industry. They serve as presentations, prototypes, demos, proof of concept and proposals combined. That's why it's so important to know if and how they were watched by prospective partners, programmers, commissioning editors, buyers and more

How It Works

Upload a screener. Send it to invitees. See who watched what on a personal level. Get insights. Sign a deal or move on

upload screener to screenable

Upload or import your screener

send invites to watch your screeners

Send invites to watch

get insight about your screeners

Get Insights
about viewership

sign a deal and know where you stand with screenable

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Why Screenable

Keeping it simple

Accessing a screener should not be rocket-science. Use our proven one-click yet secure access mechanism for your film projects

Controlling access

Remove, extend or limit access to screeners at any time, by setting the number of possible sessions, expiry dates and more

Meaningful analytics

track engagement

Stats are not enough! Screenable provides meaningful analytics that help you understand the level interest so you can be prepared better for future negotiation

Not all clients are born equal

The right atmosphere can amplify the impact of any art. Customize the screener page precisely for the purpose.

Use your Vimeo account

Screenable can import your screener from your Vimeo account, so there's no need to upload

Screenable has the answers

Did the invitee watch my screener ?
Did they watch multiple times ?Did they skip? If yes, which parts?
See all the insights right at your dashboard

Knowledge is power

Don't wait endlessly for feedback.
Be the first one to know.
Make an informed decision on whether to insist or to move on

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